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About the Weather

We humans have come a long way in our few short millennium on Earth. We can cross oceans in an hour. Manufacture enough food in a day to feed a whole village for a year. Land on the moon. But the one thing we have never managed to do despite all our modern technology is control the weather. Hundreds of people are still made homeless every year by tornadoes and hurricanes. Rainstorms still cause flooding. Gusts of wind topple trees and power lines. Snow sends cars spinning into ditches.

Here at the Mid Atlantic Weather Net, we're dedicated to understanding and predicting weather patterns all along the mid Atlantic coast of the United States, so if you live in or are planning to visit the coastal areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, West Virginia, North or South Carolina, then this page is something you'll want to bookmark. Prevailing weather patterns are our primary concern so you know what to expect in a given season or month in a given area, but we'll also give you the most accurate short and long term predictions we can find. We also pay close attention to Atlantic Canada's weather patterns as their proximity can mean each weather pattern affects the other..

Weather predicting has gotten more accurate in the last hundred years, but amazingly we're still unable to guess with any accuracy what the weather will be more than two weeks in advance. In fact, for maximum accuracy, we recommend that you only trust the three to five day forecasts. Anything else is too likely to change as time goes by, because there are simply too many variables in weather for scientists to track at once. Volcanic eruptions on the other side of the Earth can make it gloomy and dim here, while clashing warm and cold fronts can throw out tornadoes that can't be detected except by people who are practically on top of them.

Weather is such a fascinating and complex global system and the mysteries of its scientific prediction are lost on most people, who know only the computer generated map and the TV presenter pointing to its little suns and clouds. Do you know where this information comes from? How weather is predicted? In addition to the forecasts and climate data, we'll give you an inside peek into how scientists collect and interpret this data. In many cases, it's much more exciting than you would think!

Whether you're going on vacation to a beach, wondering if you should take an umbrella to see your dentist appointment or wondering whether next weekend will give you good enough weather to fix your roof, or contemplating the study and prediction of weather as a career. Mid Atlantic Weather Net should be your first stop for the answers as we've got all the basic information you need. Just check out the article topics we've already got posted by using the navigation bar at the top of your screen.

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